GPC Columns

We offer:

hs Linear deep blue 1.0:


SDVB Columns for organic solvents for:

  • High molecular weights               hs Gel H
  • Medium molecular weights         hs Gel M
  • Low molecular weights                 hs Gel S

The range and the separation power of a single hs Gel M Column is sufficient for most analytical measurements. For the extension of the range to higher respectively lower molecular weights we offer the H respectively S variant. This covers the range of molecular weights from 10¹ up to 10⁷ Da.

Polystyrene standards measured on hs Gel M+S:







Molar mass distribution:


The standard column has a size of 300x8mm. The pre column has a size of 50x8mm. Since we produce the packing material as well as the columns, we are able to offer custom solutions and sizes, specially for the preparative columns. We offer new columns, refill and regeneration of columns at attractive prices. Please contact us for detailed information on custom solutions or any further questions.